Our work starts where the work of the breed clubs ends

But why do we need an association, you may ask, there are so many great dane clubs? Yes it’s true, there are plenty of breed and kennel clubs around the world. But in most of those clubs the administration of the breed and the organisation of shows are the main focus, whereas health only plays a secondary role.
But the Great Dane has an average life expectancy of only around 6,5 years and is stricken by several hereditary diseases, such as the heart disease DCM, bone cancer or stomach torsion and many others. But not only genetically the great dane is in a crisis, it also changed a lot in phenotype in the last decades. In Continental Europe there started the trend in the 1980ies to deform the “Apollo of dogs” into a heavy and clumsy hulk with huge amounts of loose skin and extra weight. And also the temper of the great dane suffers from high inbreeding and selection almost only for the look. So when we talk about the great dane’s health, we mean the holistic health of body and mind, from outside (phenotype) and inside (genotype). 
We as fanciers of the breed feel obliged to do everything in our power to improve the situation of the great dane. Our work is based on three columns: Information, Communication and Research.


Here you can find comprehensive information about health issues of the great dane, its average life expectancy and most frequent causes of death. Also the changes in phenotype in the last decades are addressed. Finally solutions for a better health, a sound temperament and a correct conformation and breed type are presented.

Tips for puppy buyers
Tips for puppy buyers

Are you searching for a great dane puppy? It is not so easy for an unexperienced puppy buyer to find the right dog amongst all the online adverts and club websites. Here you can find help to choose a responsible breeder who is focused on health testing, low inbreeding, the wellbeing of the breeding animals, transparency, a good support of the puppy buyers and best socialisation of the puppies.


Our goal is to develop a gene test for the most frequent and severe hereditary diseases of the great dane, the DCM and bone cancer. Do you have an affected dane or a healthy great dane older than 8 years? Then you can participate! You can also donate money for our health fonds, which is supposed to finance the research project.


Our health fonds is online

From now on you can donate money for our health fonds which was created to finance the research project for DCM and bone cancer: https://www.gofundme.com/deutsche-dogge-dcm-und-knochenkrebs-genforschung

Our research project starts

From now on you can participate in our research project to develop a gene test for the hereditary diseases DCM and bone cancer. All Information…

Our website is online

After months of hard and intensive work the website for our Association for Healthy Great Danes is finally online!

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