Stud dog registration

You can request the registration of your stud dog with the below form if the stud dog meets the following minimum requirements:

  • HD A-C
  • HUS (cardiologist) not older than 2 years
  • No signs of DCM, no or minimal cardiovascular changes
  • COI not higher than 6,25% for 6 generations
  • No hypertypes
  • Minimum age 20 months
  • No double merle
  • No Popular sire (more than 100 offspring until 8 years, over 8 years more than 150 offspring)

How may interested parties contact you? *
via e-mailvia phonevia mobile

If you want you can attach up to three more photos of the stud dog (for example from the front / head profile or in motion):

If you want you can add up to 3 photos of the stud dog's offspring: