Breeders’ Portrait “vom Irschener Winkel”

Kennel Name: vom Irschener Winkel


Ruth Stolzewski
Aicherstraße 11
83233 Bernau am Chiemsee



Since when do you breed Great Danes?

How many litters have you raised in the last 3 years? 

Have you ever had a double merle mating? If yes, when did you last?

Have you ever made a mating with an IC over 6.25% (for 6 generations) and if so when last? 

How many litters with how many puppies have been born in your kennel so far?

Where are the puppies born and how do they grow up? What do you do for socialization and imprinting the puppies?
My puppies are born in my living-room. They grow up in the house and garden and are habituated to all situations of everyday life according to their age, like getting used to other aninmals, strangers, collar and leash training, going with the car etc. The puppy playground is equipped with diverse toys.

How many Great Danes do you currently own? (Please with full name and date of birth of the dogs)
Jättiläisen Gaia, 04.05.2014
Alma vom Irschener Winkel, 08.04.2017

Do you own or breed other breeds of dogs?

How are your dogs kept?  in the house close to me

How do you exercize your Great Danes mentally and physically?
daily long walks, they accompany me in the every day life, on holidays etc, when they are young I go to puppy classes and dog school

What do you do with young dogs that are not suitable for breeding and old breeding dogs who are retired? 
Will they stay with you or will they be given away? 

seniors will stay, if there is a young dog which cannot be used for breeding and doesn’t integrate within the pack then I will maybe have to give the dog away, but this has never happened until now

How important are exhibitions / championship titles to you?
not important at all, but nice to visit from time to time to meet people and see other dogs

What is your opinion about inbreeding?
should be avoided as it is bad for health and fitness

What is your opinion about cropping?
Animal Torture! Fortunately it is forbidden in Germany

What do you think about double-merle matings?
Animal Torture! Fortunately it is forbidden in Germany

What is your opinion about color matings?
Make sense to raise genetiv variety, but unfortunately in the DDC it is still difficult and almost not done

How important is honesty and transparency in breeding for you?
Very important, but difficult because of the lack of an official database in Germany and envy and resentment in the great dane community

How do you assess the current situation of a Great Dane respective Health, Temperament and Standard? 
On rock bottom in continental europe at the moment, but I don’t give up hope that this will change

How would you like to improve health and life expectancy of the Great Dane with your breeding program?
As least inbreeding as possible, health tested parents, use of old stud dogs, old ancestors and correct anatomy

How do you keep contact with your puppy buyers?
social media, whatsapp, phone, visits (if possible), yearly puppy meetings

What is your vision for the Great Dane in the future? What would be your wish?
Back to the written standard, dogs with a sound and stable temper, increasing the average life expectancy to 8-9 years, diminishing hereditary defects, breeders and breed officials who work together with scientists and veterinarians for the wellbeing of the great dane and don’t fight each other or only think about their own ego