Breeders’ Portrait “Domo Tigris”

Kennel Name: Domo Tigris


Michèle d’Hondt & René Schärer 
Sonnenbühl 5
8425 Oberembrach
+41 44 262 59 75


Since when do you breed Great Danes?

How many litters have you raised in the last 3 years? 

Have you ever had a double merle mating? If yes, when did you last?

Have you ever made a mating with an COI over 6.25% (for 6 generations) and if so when last? 

How many litters with how many puppies have been born in your kennel so far?

Where are the puppies born and how do they grow up? What do you do for socialization and imprinting the puppies?
In the house together with us, socialization: a lot of contact to other people, children and other dogs, to horses, cows and all the animals that live int he farms around us. We train driving in a car, nose work (tracking), walking on the leash and offer many attractions without mental overload

How many Great Danes do you currently own? (Please with full name and date of birth of the dogs)
Bella-Saphira (Tala) vom Haus Heimbach: 17.04.2010
Maral altera Pars: 27.09.2013
Ayumi und Avari Domo Tigris: 28.07.2016

Do you own or breed other breeds of dogs?
Mix dog Lhasa: 12.04.2006

How are your dogs kept?  in the house

How do you exercize your Great Danes mentally and physically?
walks, dog school, nose work (tracking), mantrailing

What do you do with young dogs that are not suitable for breeding and old breeding dogs who are retired? 
Will they stay with you or will they be given away? 

they stay with us

How important are exhibitions / championship titles to you?
not important

What is your opinion about inbreeding?
can and has to be avoided

What is your opinion about cropping?
forbidden in Switzerland which is very good

What do you think about double-merle matings?
Animal Torture! No thanks!

What is your opinion about color matings?
Yes – as long as other factors such as COI, health… are also considered

How important is honesty and transparency in breeding for you?
Very important

How do you assess the current situation of a Great Dane respective Health, Temperament and Standard? 
Health: Average age is too low, orhtopedic problems due to extreme size; Temperament: we have a very good test in our club in Switzerland; Standard: important, health is more important, disqualifying faults, which have nothing to do with health reduce genetic variety

How would you like to improve health and life expectancy of the Great Dane with your breeding program?
Heart screening, the great dane should become smaller, low COI, no popular sires

How do you keep contact with your puppy buyers?
social media, whatsapp, personal contacts, health questionnaire every 1-2 years

What is your vision for the Great Dane in the future? What would be your wish?
Smaller, longer life expectancy and less health problems (orthopedic problems), to reduce breed specific problems is my wish!