Breeders’ Portrait “vom Hause Boss”

Kennel Name: vom Hause Boss


Jacqueline Boss
Dorfstrasse 44
CH-4539 Farnern


Since when do you breed Great Danes?

How many litters have you raised in the last 3 years? 

Have you ever had a double merle mating? If yes, when did you last?

Have you ever made a mating with a COI over 6.25% (for 6 generations) and if so when last? 

How many litters with how many puppies have been born in your kennel so far?
8 litters, 86 puppies born, 63 registered (+1 litter with 5 puppies I took over from another Swiss breeder in an emergency situation)

Where are the puppies born and how do they grow up? What do you do for socialization and imprinting the puppies?
Our puppies are born in our house, in the puppy room. Starting from 3 weeks of age they live together during daytime with the rest of the pack in our house and puppy playground. Our pack, lots of visitors, puppy playground with lots of tactile and acoustic stimuli socialize our puppies.

How many Great Danes do you currently own? (Please with full name and date of birth of the dogs)
Erisha vom Hause Boss 22.06.2010
Eisha vom Hause Boss 22.06.2010
Isco vom Hause Boss 06.07.2013
Gabana vom Kühlen Grunde 30.12.2013
Jack vom Hause Boss 13.04.2016
Kira vom Hause Boss 15.07.2017
Kayla vom Hause Boss 15.07.2017

Do you own or breed other breeds of dogs?
Not at the moment

How are your dogs kept? 
in the house

How do you exercize your Great Danes mentally and physically?
We attend the dog school regularly, make courses for tests, horse riding tours (starting from 2,5 years of age), walks, social-walks and learning walks

What do you do with young dogs that are not suitable for breeding and old breeding dogs who are retired? 
Will they stay with you or will they be given away? 

Usually they stay with us, unless there are cases of incompatability in our pack of dogs

How important are exhibitions / championship titles to you?
Not important

What is your opinion about inbreeding?

What is your opinion about cropping?

What do you think about double-merle matings?
absolute No-Go

What is your opinion about color matings?
I am open for everything as long as it doesn’t have any negative impact on the health of the dogs.

How important is honesty and transparency in breeding for you?
Very important!

How do you assess the current situation of the Great Dane respective Health, Temperament and Standard? 
If all breeders would be honest and breed with a good common sense and for the sake of the breed, the situation was much better…

How would you like to improve health and life expectancy of the Great Dane with your breeding program?
By taking care to breed with possibly longliving lines. By health-testing my dogs, even if the tests are not mandatory in my club. By not breeding with dogs with a lot of disesases in the line.

How do you keep contact with your puppy buyers?
By meeting them personally in the dog school or for walks, via Whatsapp, email or telephone

What is your vision for the Great Dane in the future? What would be your wish?
I wish all kind of breeding for extremes would stop. Breeders should be transparent and honest about problems and disesases. Each breeder should be responsible and only breed for health and longevity in the breed.